We live in a fast pace world where change is the norm. The current global covid-19 Pandemic is a case in point. What’s true yesterday is no longer true today. Things we once knew for certain are now shades of the past.

The same can be said of the future. We have no way of knowing for sure in what form it will arrive or if we will feel ready when it comes. Often, our inability to know the future triggers an unsettling anxiety within. That’s because we are wired to desire certainty and security. But we need not cringe in fear.

Book of Revelation

A study of the Book of Revelation will guide us through our inner worries and anxieties, and steadies us against outside events and powers that threaten to shake our foundations.

We had a successful run through the Book of Revelation which blessed many in the church. We are thus making the powerpoint slides/ transcripts available for your perusal.

ETS (Revelation)

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