Soul of Leadership in a Disruptive Age

As the world emerges from the COVID pandemic, we find ourselves stumbling into further disruptions – inflation, geopolitical tensions, wars, climate change and so on. How can the Church prepare Christians to flourish in this disruptive age? In this talk, we shall review these challenges before exploring the spiritual resources available to help God’s people
navigate these uncertainties. We shall also examine the life of the Apostle Paul, and learn how he developed a leadership spirituality that enabled him to thrive in his task of evangelising the Roman World.

By Dr. Lai Pak Wah
Dr Lai Pak Wah is Principal and Lecturer in Church History and Historical Theology at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST). Dr Lai has taught and researched in a wide range of subjects, including early church history, science and faith, Chinese medicine, digital disruptions and spiritual leadership. He and his family worship at Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church where is the Elder overseeing the Hybrid Church initiative.

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