The Gospel Project

More than just a bible study, The Gospel Project (TGP) delves deep into the big questions. We’re putting the Bible under a magnifying glass and pushing our youth to uncover new truths about well-known Bible stories. The Gospel is powerful and incredible, and we want to lay a strong foundation of Christ-centeredness for our youth as they discover more about God and themselves through the years.

With specific material catered to each age group, TGP ensures everyone is able to understand and effectively apply what they learn in their Discipleship Groups (DG). While everyone grows at a different pace spiritually, TGP allows us to learn and discover as a community. It also helps our youth to stay connected with God and learn to meditate on His word on their own through daily devotions.

TGP not only equips our youth with solid-rock truths, it also equips our Youth Advisors with the content, prompts, and guiding questions to facilitate eye-opening discussions. Our team of Youth Advisors are passionate about bringing the best to the youth, and are dedicated to creating engaging and informative lessons. TGP is structured such that it allows anyone with the right heart for God to lead a lesson, no prior experience or expertise needed.

For our youth to be great disciples of Jesus, they first need a strong foundation in gospel truths. TGP is one of the ways we can help our youth to grow in God’s light.